Third Padua Symposium on
Correlations in Ultracold Atomic Systems

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Galileo Galilei"
University of Padua

Padua, September 26-27, 2013

Local Organizers: Luca Barbiero, Giovanni Mazzarella, Maurizio Rossi

Scientific Committee: Luca Dell'Anna, Luca Salasnich, Flavio Toigo


For informations:


This two-day symposium is devoted to the informal discussion of recent topics in the field of ultracold quantum gases made of alkali-metal atoms. We would like to stimulate the interaction between different communities: experimentalists working with quantum degenerate gases, theoreticians working on different aspects of strongly-correlated systems.

Invited Speakers

Francesco Ancilotto (Padova): "Supersolid structure and excitation spectrum of soft-core bosons in 3D"
Roberta Citro (Salerno): "Phase diagram of interacting Bose gases in one dimensional disordered optical lattice"
Franco Dalfovo (Trento): "Nucleation and decay of solitons in Bose and Fermi gases"
Stefania De Palo (Trieste): "QMC simulations for strongly interacting fermions in two dimensions"
Davide Galli (Milano): "Quantum Monte Carlo study of dynamic properties of ultracold gases"
Fabrizio Illuminati (Salerno): "Quantum simulation with trapped ions: from long-distance entanglement to frustration and exotic phases of matter"
Francesco Minardi (Firenze): "Mobile impurities in one-dimensional cold gases"
Anna Minguzzi (Grenoble): "Optimum persistent currents for ultracold bosons on a ring trap"
Giovanni Modugno (Firenze): "Observation of the Bose glass in one dimension, from weak to strong interactions"
Oliver Morsch (Pisa): "Full counting statistics of a dissipative Rydberg gas"
Massimo Palma (Palermo): "Polarons in two components Bose Einstein condensates"
Saverio Pascazio (Bari): "Nonexponential decay of Feshbach molecules"
Vittorio Penna (Torino): "Localization-delocalization transition in the attractive Bose-Hubbard model"
Pierbiagio Pieri (Camerino): "Unveiling the polaron-molecule transition: the alternative route of Bose-Fermi mixtures"
Sebastiano Pilati (Trieste): "Ultracold atoms in optical lattices: beyond the Hubbard model"
Luca Salasnich (Padova): "Superfluid density, sound velocity and Goldstone mode in the 2D BCS-BEC crossover"
Andrea Trombettoni (Trieste): "Effective models for layered ultracold Fermi gases"
Patrizia Vignolo (Nice): "A Metal-Insulator transition induced by Random Dipoles"

The meeting will be held at the University of Padua in "Aula C" of the Department of Physics and Astronomy "Galileo Galilei", Via Marzolo 8, 35131 Padua, Italy.

The main sponsors are CARIPARO Foundation through the PROGETTO DI ECCELLENZA "Macroscopic Quantum Properties of Ultracold Atoms under Optical Confinement", and Ministero Istruzione Universita Ricerca through the grant PRIN "Collective Quantum Phenomena: from Strongly-Correlated Systems to Quantum Simulators".