Second Padua Symposium on
Nonlinear Phenomena and Correlations in Ultracold Atomic Gases

Department of Physics "Galileo Galilei"
University of Padua

18 September 2009

Organizers: Luca Salasnich and Flavio Toigo


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This one-day symposium is devoted to the informal discussion of recent topics in the field of ultracold quantum gases made of alkali-metal atoms. We would like to stimulate the interaction between different communities: experimentalists working with quantum degenerate gases, theoreticians working on different aspects of strongly-correlated systems, and experts on solitons and nonlinear phenomena.

Invited Speakers

Stefano Giorgini (Trento): "Polarized Fermi gases with resonant interactions"
Boris Malomed (Tel Aviv): "Solitons and vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates supported by long-range dipole-dipole interactions"
Giovanni Mazzarella (Padua): "Atomic Josephson junction with two bosonic species"
Francesco Minardi (Florence): "Atomic Bose-Bose mixtures for quantum magnetism"
Anna Minguzzi (Grenoble): "Spectral functions of one-dimensional trapped bosons"
Giovanni Modugno (Florence): "Delocalization due to a repulsive interaction in a Bose-Einstein condensate with disorder"
Oliver Morsch (Pisa): "Time-resolved studies of Landau Zener tunneling in periodic potentials"
Pierbiagio Pieri (Camerino): "Pairing and condensation in a resonant Bose-Fermi mixture"
Mario Salerno (Salerno): "Rabi oscillations of matter-wave solitons in optical lattices"

The meeting will be held at the University of Padua in "Aula S" of the Department of Physics "Galileo Galilei", via Marzolo 8, 35131 Padua, Italy.

The main sponsor is CARIPARO Foundation through the grant "Progetti di Eccellenza 2006".

Here there is the poster of the Padua Symposium.

Book of abstracts
Here there is the book of abstract of the Padua Symposium.