Padua Symposium on
Nonlinear Phenomena and Correlations in Ultracold Atomic Gases

Department of Physics "Galileo Galilei"
University of Padua

19 September 2008

Organizer: Luca Salasnich


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This one-day symposium is devoted to the informal discussion of recent topics in the field of ultracold quantum gases made of alkali-metal atoms. We would like to stimulate the interaction between different communities: experimentalists working with quantum degenerate gases, theoreticians working on different aspects of strongly-correlated systems, and experts on solitons and nonlinear phenomena.

Invited Speakers

Boris Malomed (Tel Aviv): "Spontaneous symmetry breaking in a nonlinear double-well structure"
Oliver Morsch (Pisa): "Coherent control of tunneling in strongly driven optical lattices"
Mario Salerno (Salerno): "Long-living Bloch oscillations of matter waves in optical lattices"
Anna Minguzzi (Grenoble): "Disorder and interaction effects in low-dimensional quantum gases"
Giovanni Modugno (Florence): "Anderson localization of weakly interacting matter-waves"
Pierbiagio Pieri (Camerino): "Josephson Effect throughout the BCS-BEC Crossover"
Giovanni Mazzarella (Padua): "Hidden order in dipolar bosonic gases confined in one dimensional optical lattices"
Flavio Toigo (Padua): "Extended Thomas-Fermi density functional for superfluid fermions"

The meeting will be held at the University of Padua in "Aula S" of the Department of Physics "Galileo Galilei", via Marzolo 8, 35131 Padua, Italy.

The main sponsor is CARIPARO Foundation through the grant "Progetti di Eccellenza 2006".

Here there is the poster of the Padua Symposium.

Book of abstracts
Here there is the book of abstract of the Padua Symposium.