NanoStructures Group


The research activity is focused on nanoscience and nanotechnology involving metallic nanostructures for applications in plasmonics, nanophotonics and magnetism.
Among the investigated topics:
  • Plasmonics

    • Linear and nonlinear optical properties of metal nanostructures
    • Plasmonic bio-sensors
    • Modeling of the plasmonic properties of isolated or interacting nanostructures
  • Nano-Photonics

    • Emitter-Nanostructures interaction
    • Energy transfer processes between emitters and plasmonic nanostructures
  • Nano-Magnetism

    • Bi-metallic nanostructures for magneto-plasmonics
  • Thermodynamics and stability of nanostructures

    • Thermodynamics of nucleation and growth
    • Nano-alloying of immiscible elements by ion implantation
    • Ion beam induced selective de-alloying
NHA Self-assembled plasmonic NanoHole Array (NHA). The bar is about 1 micron.